Tailored ropes give sailors a perfect product for every need on board;
we offer the right ropes to halyards, sheets and mooring at the most favorable price.

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Prosail Ropes & Gear was formed in 2009 to provide high quality and ready to use sailing ropes with the right lengths and dimensions for your boat type - online.
We are here to serve smart sailors that appreciate best value for money - the most attractive combination of highest quality, best price, and convenient buy.

The online concept enables us to offer you unmatched value for money. The costs for running a physical shop are much higher than running a webshop. The personnel costs plus the rent alone require a significant turnover and a high margin in order to be profitable. On average this margin is roughly 50%.
For online shops the costs are much lower and as a result we can work with lower margins. The lower overhead costs and operational costs, together with the lower margin enable us to guarantee you the best value for money.
In other words, we offer the best quality and the technologically most advanced products for a good price which would otherwise be paid for a mediocre product.

You decide what you want!

We offer shipment of the complete product range within the European Union.

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